Our past is all around us here in Arizona City. Just minutes away from our modern world we can take to a desert trail and be transported back thousands of years. From black-rock deserts to red-rock canyonlands, Arizona is a vast and sunny gallery of ancient art. For thousands of years the people of this hard and varied land scratched mysterious images on naturally varnished boulders and rock faces, and pecked their dreams and mythologies into soft sandstone cliffs; these are called petroglyphs. Others mixed long-lasting pigments from plants and minerals to paint handprints, footprints, animals and gods on the walls of shallow sheltering caves in high canyon walls; these are called pictographs.

Rock art is a physical reminder of a time where fertility rituals and sympathetic magic actually worked, where shamans and the gods they served walked the same trails and routes, where myths were truth. People seek out petroglyphs and pictographs because of a fascination with those people and their beliefs, and maybe as a way to honor them too.


Nearby to Arizona City is a significant cluster of petroglyphs located in the Picacho Mountains, the mountain range on the north side of the I-10.  Here archeologists have catalogued more than 4000 petroglyphs at 19 distinct sites with some of the more spectacular displays located at the northern reaches of the Picacho Mountains.



Cactus Fly-In at the Casa Grande Municipal Airport

Cactus Fly-In is the premier event for antique airplanes in Arizona. Come check out a host of unique aircraft, learn something new during forum presentations, and mingle with folks who enjoy history and the machines that flew us to the present!

The 60th Cactus Fly-In

March 2-3, 2018

Casa Grande Municipal Airport (CGZ)
3225 N. Lear Ave.Casa Grande, AZ 85122