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  The Arizona Rangers were originally created by the Arizona Territorial Legislature in 1901 as a paid law enforcement agency, disbanded in 1909, and subsequently reformed in 1957 as a volunteer agency. The Territorial Rangers were created to deal with the infestations of outlaws in the sparsely populated Arizona Territory, especially along the Mexican border. The Rangers were an elite, well-trained, and originally a secretive agency mounted on quality horses and well equipped with modern weapons at the state's expense. The Rangers were very effective in apprehending members of outlaw bands.

The modern Arizona Rangers are an unpaid, non-commissioned civilian auxiliary agency that is available to assist and support law enforcement agencies at the city, county, state and Federal levels. Today’s Rangers support the community and it’s children through event support and direct financial donations.  The Rangers also strive to keep alive the traditions of the Old West.  

 The Arizona Rangers are celebrating their 60th year of being a support organization for Arizona law enforcement and citizens across the state.  





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