The Elsy Pearson range in Casa Grande, AZ has one 100 yard rifle and  two 50 yard rifle/ pistol lines and two shorter (25 yard) pistol ranges.  It is a well-maintained, clean, and free place to shoot. It’s nothing fancy, but ranges don’t need to be. The hours are 7am to 5pm daily.. Please call for more information.

It’s an unsupervised range, with no safety officers. The rules are printed on a big metal sign— there are about six rules, all basically saying “be safe, don’t be an idiot”.

The range is run by the Casa Grande Parks & Recreation Department and is free for public use. There’s a nearby range for police use only, There is also the Casa Grande Trap Club about a quarter-mile north, for those who prefer shotguns.

The public rifle range is simple and spartan (metal roof, concrete benches), but well-maintained. Large berms serve as backstops, and there’s Casa Grande mountain beyond the berms to catch any stray bullets.

The range doesn’t have any “permanent facilities” but does have a “Porta-Poty.”
There are no restrictions on the type of firearms used (but they do restrict tracers and incendiary rounds for obvious fire safety reasons) —Full-auto is permissible with proper  NFA documentation.

Elsy Pearson range is just slightly over six miles from Arizona City. To get there go West on Bataglia to Henness Rd (N).  It dead ends at Isom where you turn West and follow around the south end of  Casa Grande mountain.  You will see the range on the right. Both Henness and Isom are unpaved roads, but are relatively smooth and well-maintained.