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Contact Person: MIKE ESPARZA
Phone: 480-703-2901



Crescent Crown Distributing is dedicated to providing quality service and products. We make sure that our products are handled with care and to the strictest quality standards.

Most beers, unlike wine, are better consumed when freshly brewed. Freshness is a key element in the sale of all of our products. Every case of beer we sell has a peak freshness date printed on every bottle and case. We are constantly checking these dates and rotating our inventory to make sure the customer receives the best tasting and freshest products available. These measures keep our products at their peak of freshness from the day they reach us until they are delivered to our customers.

In addition to freshness, we make sure the beer is maintained at appropriate temperatures to beat the desert heat. Our warehouses are temperature-controlled to ensure zero heat-related damage to our packaged beer. For all of our draught products and some of our packaged beer, we have large refrigerated coolers which are kept at a frigid 40 degrees. Keeping our beer at the correct temperature is expensive in the heat of the desert, yet it is critical in our commitment to fresh products.

Finally, care is taken to handle products carefully and provide retailers with undamaged cases and kegs. No one wants cans that are dented, packages that are torn, or bottles that are broken inside their 12 packs. When enjoying our great beers, we hope you can appreciate the care and effort we take to keep it tasting great.

Crescent Crown also maintains a state of the art graphics department which allows us to produce over 8,000 custom signs and banners each month. We take pride in providing retailers the necessary tools to enhance the sale of products in their stores and restaurants.

Crescent Crown is committed to serving you. Cheers!



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