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Contact Person: JOHN SPENCER
Phone: 520-466-4684



Creative expression has always been a compelling force in my life, driving my every day.  As a child, dreaming magnificent dreams, and expressing them in as many forms as was possible for me then, and for my entire life.  The word Polymorphous, “many changes”, best describes this process.




For over forty years I’ve been experimenting and learning the photographic process in one form or another, from a 5x7 film still camera, to television, to motion picture cameras, and finally digital cameras.  For the past fifteen years I’ve specialized in digital panoramas. My subject matter has included abandoned ghost towns and Indian archeological sites, to odd-ball Road-Side attractions. (ie: the “T-Pee motel”, “It”, and the “Flying Saucer” in Casa Grande ).

Along the way I’ve also done print advertising, as well as website design.  I’m currently maintaining the Arizona City Chamber of Commerce website where I’ve been able to sneak in a few of my panoramas.  (I hope you like them.)












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